Briefing and Analysis
In the briefing we find out about your goals, speak about your past measures and gather information, on the basis of which we develop our PR plan for you.

Development and Presentation of a PR Plan
After carefully analysing the situation, we provide you with a PR plan that is both creative and unique. Our PR plans – presented according to your wishes – include the steps to achieve your goals as well as time frames and financial resources.

Internal Communications
Employees are important ambassadors of a company: they convey the company message and image in the community/region. Especially in times of economic changes employees want to know about the situation of the company. The right communication to staff motivates employees and generates understanding for the decisions of the management. Give us the topics and contents and we will design your employee paper, Intranet pages, newsletters, position statements and presentations.

Community Relations
Community outreach is a way to build trust and position your business as a particularly good employer. We develop communication tools to enhance your company’s participation and position in the community.

Online PR
We offer the full range of Online-PR. Starting with Online-Press-Releases, designing and operating facebook-Fanpages, Corporate Blogs, Dialogue with clients and much more, which has to be defined uniquely for your needs.

Client Magazine
Staying in contact with your clients and informing them is essential. With a client magazine you can present your company’s successes and improvements and keep up the dialogue. We have already written and designed several client magazines – and will be happy to do that for your business too.

Product Launches
We help you get your product launch just right. With you from the first idea to the finished product and thinking of multipliers, sales partners, employees and customers, we develop the right “story” and measures necessary for a successful product launch.

From product presentations to shareholder meetings and staff events, our experience will help make such occasions a success.

Media Services
Journalists today ask for more than just a press release. We offer the whole range of professional means to generate positive media coverage for your company. Well-written texts, good photos and the best service go without saying at ideo. To get the attention of journalists you have to know how they think and work. We know that – from our own experience and from constant contact with journalists.

Press Conferences and Events
We specialise in all kinds of press events. From long-time experience we know what works and what doesn’t. We are happy to give advice and conduct press events for you that result in positive media coverage.

Organisation and Support at Fairs
Companies invest a lot in a good and communicative appearance at a fair. We take care of the organisation and support you in getting your new products known and your press materials to the journalists. Press materials are put together according to your ideas and information, and we are happy to conduct a press conference for you at a fair.

PR Advertisements
For certain occasions, for example jubilees, it may be necessary to place specially designed advertisements. We take care of the design and placement of such an advertisement.

Budget Planning and Controlling
We treat your budget as if it were our own money. This means no exceeding the budget; exact, truthful listing of all costs; open, clear calculations; no agency commissions on external services. We would like to build up a long-term, successful partnership with you.

Avandy uses evaluation tools that determine the effect of a single PR measure or the realisation of a PR plan. This evaluation method can also be applied for comparison and is used to find the weak points. We can also employ it at the beginning of our cooperation.

Further points of emphasis

Crisis Management
In a crisis most companies and organisations fail. Often the same mistakes are made. Avandy works with clients to develop crisis communication strategies and provides the tools needed to protect a business and to build or restore a company’s reputation.

Shit-Storms and Social Media
Todays consumers are more powerful than ever. A single person can start a campaign, which destroys a company's image in the public. We are working with Blogs, facebook, twitter and more social-networks.

Investor Relations
We help you develop confidence and positive relations for your company with investors in the financial community.

Public Affairs
Company decisions are influenced by the political and social discourse, and vice versa. We help to make the dialogue between your company and political and social institutions work – in both ways.

Road Safety
Work in the area of road safety has been a main point of emphasis for us over the last few years. Working for different companies, Avandy Consultant Markus Burgdorf has contributed to the improvement of road safety in Europe for years. Use his experience and contacts.